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These are some of the opinions of the clients we have already worked with.

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Very interesting to work with a cooperative. All employees give their best to reach the timings and the desired quality of material and customer service. We are very happy with the result.

— Alba L, Marketing Coordinator
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We are happy with the service, they meet deadlines, offer alternative solutions if they can't provide what we need and answer any questions we ask right away.

— Miquel F, Comunicación
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We chose Cevagraf for its professionalism, no doubt the result of its passion for a job well done.

— Ana G, Marketing
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A serious and professional company, with excellent customer service.

— Nerea D, Sales
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We continue to work with Cevagraf because of the seriousness and quality of their work.

— Meritxell A, Sales Manager
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For 5 years we have been working with Cevagraf for its quality in printing, speed, professionalism and the excellent treatment with the staff of the different areas.

— Laia M, Design


Multiple shipping addresses.

Can you imagine that different delivery points receive their orders without having to place one order for each point?

Advanced file management.

Check the status of your files, and approve them online. Easier than ever.

Multiple product options.

Wide range of papers, inks and options so you can print what you really need.

Online invoices.

Access your proforma or online invoice in just 2 clicks.

Intuitive online editor.

Pre-designed calendars, stickers, business cards and flyers! create your own designs!

Quotation management.

Create quotes with your logo for your clients and save management time.

Integral printing solutions

CEVAGRAF, SCCL Online printing arises as a response to a problem that we have been noticing during the last years in the sector. Our customers' demand for lower production costs and fast and efficient service has led us to create this online store and to make a major internal transformation process in order to go ahead offering the best service without lowering quality of our products.

Indeed, for the last 10 years or so a lot of online printing sites have emerged, there are plenty of them and they usually offer a very wide range of products. This variety of print products of all kinds on a single site has come to overwhelm the user, and this, coupled with not-always-easy purchase processes, has led us to launch our own online printing service.

We are specialized in small and medium format online printing, using offset or digital technology. This specialization is an important feature of our current service, so being an Online Printer allows us to reach our customers, you, more easily and "simplify the task of getting prices" for your possible investments in graphic products.
With Cevagraf you will get prices immediately, no waiting. Price calculation is done instantly, right after choosing the specs. Once you decide to make a purchase, the process is simple and straightforward. After just a few clicks, we will start working on your print order and within hours you will receive your product at the point of delivery.
We are a cheap online printing company: We have at your disposal the most advanced printing equipment available on the market which, together with the standardization of our products allows us to offer highly competitive prices.
Quality is the result of the experience and passion we put into our work and the resources allocated in support of this project. Although we are young as online printers, the team members have extensive experience in the field of Graphic Arts. The state-of-the art digital and printing machinery, in the hands of experts who are passionate about their work, ensures optimal results in the production and logistics of your orders. Give us a try and we will show you!

CEVAGRAF, SCCL is a worker cooperative present in the market of graphic arts for over 25 years. People who work in this cooperative are almost entirely company members, and that means that human capital is the owner of the company, we the workers are our own bosses.

Think about it. The boss is the one who works and owns his work, therefore is the owner of its success. This is one of the main differentiating factors from other companies in the Spanish market. Cooperatives are made up by people who not only produce, but also take part on the decision processes that rule the company. Which do you think will be the degree of involvement of these people with respect to their clients?

CEVAGRAF, SCCL, as an online printing company specializing in the printing of magazines, catalogs, books, calendars, brochures, flyers, etc ..., shapes its cooperative principles and puts them to the test every day, because every day we face the challenge of meeting the expectations of new customers entering into our work system.

Think about it again. Don?t you think the best place to put your trust on a printer is a place where the workers not only strive to make a living but also put their reputation on stake?

Being a cooperative is an added value to the services we offer. We do believe it.

CEVAGRAF, SCCL owns almost all the infrastructure and equipment needed to print magazines, catalogs, books, calendars, brochures, flyers, etc ..., everything related to the graphic product. We say ?almost all? because there are a few finishing processes that we outsource, because it is difficult to "have it all".

Since 1986, when we started, we have not stopped investing on machinery and technology in our own company.

This means that we will print in our own facilities the work you may order.

Think about it again. Your order depends ONLY on Cevagraf?s human and logistical capital. We are not a broker who charges a commission and then takes the work to print it elsewhere (to a real printer). WE ARE THE REAL PRINTER !!!

As we have the ability to produce, prices fit the reality of our cooperative, we do not charge commissions or anything like that, just our profit margin.

Besides, we have the power to reach the foreseen and agreed deadlines with you: As we have the machinery our deadlines are real, because we almost do not depend on anyone else.

Think again. If we have machines to produce and those who use them are cooperativists, ie, members and company owners? how do you think we're going to respond to your trust when you place your order?

For us BEING PRODUCERS and BEING A COOPERATIVE are differentiating factors when it comes to working and getting quality and service.

Our specialization is an important feature of our current service, so being an Online Printer allows us to reach our customers, you, more easily and "simplify the task of getting prices" for your possible investments in graphic products.

Moreover, in order to become an online printing company, we have had to shape up on many internal issues, the result being more advantageous prices to all of you, our customers.

Entering this "scene" of online sales, we have not wanted to do it with the traditional values that have brought us here. No. We have wanted to be a leading cooperative on R & D and technology, and we believe we are on track ; we detail below why we say this:

  1. 1. We have standardized all our raw materials.
  2. 2. We have simplified the bureaucratic process of managing your order.
  3. 3. We have automated all production processes.

And as a customer, how does that affect me? It is a cost saving for us, which we pass on to you in the final price. We cannot work miracles, cooperatives are companies that have a "heavy" structure, it is here that being a cooperative plays a very important role, because it is easier to CHANGE, EVOLVE and lower costs in order to have more competitive prices.

We have done all this without any restructuring plan, nor playing games with our workers and partners, only with our inventiveness and our capacity for transformation.

That's why being an online printer is so important for us: because it means EVOLUTION AND PROGRESS.

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