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Shipping and transportation.

The shipping and transportation service can be contracted during the process of purchasing your product, just follow the steps.


CEVAGRAF SCCL's transport service may be contracted during the purchase process of your graphic product. This service is not a part of the initial options in the calculation of prices for the job, i.e., shipping and transport is hired after choosing the job specs.

So please keep in mind, the FINAL PRICE of your product will be considered as definitive only after choosing the shipping method, therefore the price displayed on the product specs page is not final, you have to reach the shipping and transportation screen in order to see the final, definitive price.

In our online shop we offer the important advantage of being able to choose up to 4 different shipping addresses for each product and model, this is the reason why shipping price is shown in a subsequent screen, where you?ll find a wider set of features and options.


In our online shop we offer an important advantage: you'll be able to choose up to 4 different shipping addresses for each product and model. Here it is a possible example:

1.000 Saddle-Stitched Magazines in 2 models: 400 u. Mod. 1 // 600 u. Mod. 2

Mod 1, 4 delivery addresses:
Mod. 1, Address 1 → Test1 St.
Mod. 1, Address 2 → Test2 St.
Mod. 1, Address 3 → Test3 St.
Mod. 1, Address 4 → Test4 St.

Mod 2, 2 delivery addresses:
Mod. 2, Address 5 → Test5 St.
Mod. 2, Address 6 → Test6 St.

For all those products that allow to choose distinct models (after selecting the "more than 1 model" option), you'll be able to decide all the delivery addresses on the Shipment & Delivery form. It's that easy.


Production and shipping times depend on the product chosen and the type of shipping selected when making a purchase.

For each product, once you are located on its options on the right side, you?ll see below the price the text Production time. Well, here you will see that after calculating the price based on the specs you have chosen, you?re informed about how many business days will be needed to produce your order after the final print file is approved by you (the final print file approval happens once you?ve uploaded the file and you give via e-mail your consent to print).

Then you?ll have to add shipping and transportation times, which depend on the type of shipping chosen and the job weight. Therefore, once the order is in the process of delivery please contact our Customer Service, to better define the timing, at T. (0034) 93 586 11 45.


Shipping methods are displayed based on the options you choose for your product. It may be that for a particular type of product you do not have the "Shipping to Distribution Point" option available, whereas for others you do. Listed below are all the shipping methods we offer:

1- Pick-up at Cevagraf SCCL facilities.

By choosing this option you decide to pick up the goods by yourself at our facilities: c/ Praga, 22-24, P.I. Cova Solera, 08191 Rubí, Barcelona ? T. (0034) 93 586 11 45.

• If you choose this option we?ll not charge any transport cost, as it is at your own expense.
• This shipping method is valid for print jobs weighing MORE than 50 Kg.. Otherwise this option will not be shown.
• Once your product is ready for collection, we will contact you to come and pick it up.

2- Pick-up Point.

this service means that once your print job has been completed we will send it to a point in the town of Rubí, more accessible by public transport and where you will be able to pick up the goods more conveniently.

• This type of shipping is valid for all print jobs weighing LESS than 50 kg.. Otherwise this option will not be shown.
• Once your product is ready for collection, we will contact you to come and pick it up at:
FONT DE VIDA. Passeig de les Torres, 43-45 · 08191 Rubí, Barcelona - T. (0034) 93 586 11 45
Pick-up times: Morning: From 10 h to 14 h · Afternoons: From 17 h. to 20 h.


3- Door-to-door delivery.

the goods will be sent to the shipping address you provided in your user account. For multiple addresses it is only a matter of creating the different directions in your account and then associating them to your different products and models.

• This shipping method is always available for all our products.
• Our delivery times are from 10 am to 18 pm.
• Deliveries are available for all of Europe, except for some cities or regions in which the transportation costs may be increased depending on the transport company costs, or even they can't be done (please ask us before placing your order).

If the door-to-door delivery can?t be carried out due to reasons beyond the control of our transport service, the goods will be returned to CEVAGRAF, SCCL and will remain with us until the customer contacts us and gives us instructions on how to proceed. In this case customers have two options:

a) Hire a new service by making a new payment, or
b) Pick up the goods with their own means.


We provide the choice between boxes branded with Cevagraf?s logo or neutral boxes, which can be useful if you intend to be a distributor or product reseller. For every product, you'll see this option as part of one of the drop-down lists.

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