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We show you below the steps to follow to finalize your purchase.




a) Choose the item you want to buy. To do this please go to the homepage where you?ll be able to choose from a wide range of products. Then go on choosing and gradually refining your selection.

b) Choose the specs: quantity, format, number of pages, color, paper type, finishing, etc ..., until you fulfill and validate all drop-down menus that will appear.

c) On the right of the options screen a small window will appear showing the production time depending on the set of options selected for that product. These days are the minimum time required in order to produce the work, and please keep in mind that these are the production times since the print file approval, that is, since you gave your final OK to the file you provided.

Before knowing exactly when you?ll receive your printed product, you must have met several objectives:
1) Placed the order;
2) Provided us the print files and
3) Approved the print files, either at the time of uploading them, or after receiving our proofs.

Only then the production time shown in the product page plus the shipping time will equal the days until delivery.

Please understand that in spite of sending us your files and approving them when uploading, we always perform a Basic Review (included in the price) and some issues may arise that might prevent the production process if not resolved by you. Therefore, print files are not considered as approved until the issue is resolved and although originally you gave approval, this is conclusive only after validation by our technical department.

If we don?t find any issue with the uploaded files, your approval will be validated and used (after adding the production time you saw when ordering) as a valid date in order to calculate the delivery date.

d) After choosing your options, add the product to your cart by using the "Add to cart" button. Immediately after adding your product to the cart a popup window will appear asking you wether you want to keep buying or want to proceed to checkout. Choose your option and this will take you to the next screen.


You can choose different shipping methods:

a) You can pick up your work at our facilities or at a collection point in the town of Rubí (this is your best option if you're a person or company with mobility, or in case you have hired a transport company).

For items weighing more than 50 kg collection has to be done at our production facilities: CEVAGRAF, SCCL. c/ Praga, 22-24, P.I. Cova Solera, 08191 Rubí, Barcelona

For items up to 50 kg, picking point is near the Rubí train station, so it's easier for you to use public transport:
FONT DE VIDA. Passeig de les Torres, 43-45, 08191 Rubí, Barcelona.

b) Alternatively you can use our door-to-door delivery services. We have our own transport service, which allows you to completely forget about shipments. You?ll receive your product wherever you want. One of the most attractive options of our online shop is the possibility to manage shipments up to 4 different addresses by product and model (up to 4 models). In an easy, intuitive way you can choose to what directions you need the job to be sent, for each quantity.

For production and transportation, working days are Monday to Friday (excluding public holidays).

After choosing the shipping method that best suits your needs, please confirm by clicking on ?Continue? and you'll go on to the next step.


To finish your order you can upload your print files to our FTP server. You'll see it's an easy-to-handle, very intuitive browser, it's just a matter of having the final artwork on your desktop and uploading it into our system with this tool. When placing an order you have two options:

a) You upload your print files.
If your files are OK and after being validated by our technical team (and if you have not chosen a Professional Review), we move them directly to production, and production days will be exactly the days remaining for the delivery (if we couldn't fulfill it for reasons beyond our control we'd notify you in advance to agree the final delivery date).

b) You don?t upload any file.
Our system allows this option too. We understand that, for very different reasons, it may be the case that you still don't have the print files but don't worry, you can place the order anyway. Once we get your order we'll see you haven?t uploaded any file yet so we?ll contact you via e-mail / phone in order to agree with you on this issue.

Please understand that if we don?t have the files we can?t proceed to production, so the production days that appear on the product page are not binding (see initial instructions in this page).

Once you?ve sent your files, we?ll validate them and if everything is ok we'll proceed to production. If there is any issue that has to be corrected we will contact you shortly to get your instructions. When everything is OK, we will print the files.

Important clarifications on your print files:

a) We always expect to receive print-ready documents, such as PDF or JPG. This type of files, if properly set up, can be printed directly and without problems and allow for a faster, trouble-free process.

b) If your documents are in an "open" format, that is, made with e.g. InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop or QuarkXPress, and depending on how you have sent them, that may result in an extra cost because we have to put some more work in order to convert these documents into a print-ready PDF.

c) Our prices always include a basic review, and this means that converting your documents to PDF is included in the price. But as occasionally things may get complicated for reasons beyond our control, we reserve the right to charge an extra cost, as long as we can prove that we can?t do the work because of the way the file was prepared. In this case you can arrange and resend the files and you will not be charged, as it's on you and your ability to solve the issue.


Depending on the order amount (this amount is made up of the sum of product price + VAT + shipping, i.e. the total amount to be paid) the online store will show you different payment options:

a) If your item's purchase price does not exceed 1000 € you will have to make payment for the product at the time of placing your order by any of the methods that we provide, as explained below.

b)If, on the contrary, your purchase amount exceeds 1000 €, you will have to pay 40% of the order amount in advance by any of the payment methods that we make available on the web, and the remaining 60% due on invoice receipt.


To pay for our service you can choose any of the following methods. During the purchase process you will need to make your choice:


All operations involving transmission of personal or bank data are performed using a secure environment, a server based on SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) standard security technology. Any information you send to us travels encrypted through the Internet.

Likewise, your credit card details are entered directly into the bank's website via a virtual POS (bank's virtual Point of Sale) and are not entered or registered on any server belonging to CEVAGRAF SCCL.

When paying by VISA or MASTERCARD you will always be asked for the following data: card number, expiry date, and a Validation Code that coincides with the last 3 digits of the number printed in italics on the back of your card, which guarantees higher transaction security.

This payment method is only available on the web.

Should a purchase amount has been fraudulently or unduly charged using a payment card number, the cardholder may demand the immediate cancellation of the charge. In such a case, the corresponding debit and re-credit entries in the supplier's and cardholder's accounts shall be made as soon as possible. However, if the purchase had actually been made by the cardholder and the refund request was not a consequence of having exercised the right of withdrawal or resolution and, therefore, had unduly demanded the cancellation of the charge, the cardholder will be obliged to compensate CEVAGRAF SCCL for the damages caused as a consequence of such cancellation.


When you select bank transfer you will receive a confirmation e-mail with the bank details of CEVAGRAF SCCL.

Very important: when making the transfer do not forget to write the reference number as the email subject, as well as your name and surname, and to make the transfer within 3 days after the confirmation date in order to validate it.

If you wish, you can send us the transfer receipt by e-mail to But in any case, validation of the service will not be effective until our administration department has bank confirmation of the transfer.

We remind you that payment must be made in Euros and that all possible exchange and bank fees are your responsibility.

In the case of bank transfers made from outside Spain, it is very important that you always inform your bank to take charge of the fees at source, for those bank fees and charges corresponding to your bank. Otherwise, CEVAGRAF SCCL could halt the agreed service, as the full amount of it has not been received.

Possible exchange and bank fees are the client's responsibility.


PayPal allows you to send payments over the Internet safely and conveniently. The PayPal network builds on the existing financial infrastructure of bank accounts and credit cards to create a global real-time payment solution. PayPal offers a service specially designed for those who are not satisfied with traditional payment mechanisms.

For more information, visit PayPal:

5. Order execution.

Once the customer places an order, a binding offer is emailed to both the customer's and the contractor's email addresses.

CEVAGRAF, SCCL reserves the right to refuse orders or to terminate contracts already in force without prior notice if pornographic, fascist or radical contents appear in the transmitted print files, as well as all those that in any way infringe the laws of the State. Upon contract completion, the customer has no right to make changes to the order data unless the current order is cancelled and another order is generated.

Any change on the client's part implies the cancellation of the offer approved to CEVAGRAF, SCCL and the conclusion of a new contract for the preparation and sending of print files. CEVAGRAF, SCCL reserves the right to reject this offer. In case CEVAGRAF, SCCL accepts it, it can be linked to the passing on of the costs caused by the change. These costs will be notified to the client during the change process. The purchase process is confirmed when CEVAGRAF, SCCL checks that the payment conditions chosen by the client are verified and correct, both in case of usual conditions or of payments in advance made by credit card or bank transfer. CEVAGRAF, SCCL will then contact the client to facilitate access to the Web portal, where the client will upload the files to print, and where the client in turn may review, correct, reject or finally approve the work for its subsequent printing and manipulation.

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