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These General Terms and Conditions regulate the distance selling relationship between CEVAGRAF, SCCL and the user.



Information prior to the contractual process.

The website is the property of CEVAGRAF SCCL, with CIF F58137001 and registered office at C/ PRAGA 22-24 POL IND COVA SOLERA 08191 RUBI BARCELONA.

The General Terms and Conditions regulate the distance selling relationship between CEVAGRAF SCCL and the user or client, in accordance with the legal stipulations, in particular: "Ley 7/1998, de 13 de abril, sobre Condiciones Generales de Contratación,", Ley Orgánica 3/2018, de 5 de diciembre, de Protección de Datos Personales y garantía de los derechos digitales", "Ley 7/1996, de 15 de enero de Ordenación del Comercio Minorista, el Reglamento General de Protección de Datos" and "Ley 34/2002 de 11 de julio, de Servicios de la Sociedad de la Información y de Comercio Electrónico". Additionally, for distance sales to consumers or users, the natural or juridical persons who acquire, use or enjoy these general contracting conditions as final addressees are regulated in accordance with "Ley 3/2014, de 27 de marzo por la que se modifica el texto refundido de la Ley General para la Defensa de los consumidores y Usuarios".

CEVAGRAF SCCL reserves the right to make the modifications it deems appropriate, without prior notice, in the General Conditions. These modifications may be made, through their websites, by any legally admissible means and shall be binding for as long as they are published on the website and until they are validly modified by subsequent ones. Nevertheless, CEVAGRAF SCCL reserves the right to apply, in certain cases, some Particular Contract Conditions prevailing over the present General Conditions when it considers it suitable, announcing them in due time and manner.

The purpose of the website are printing services, books and other services and products related to the sector.

Contract duration is linked to the product delivery without prejudice to possible return for defects.

Likewise, you can subscribe to our newsletter to receive offers of our services or general information that may be of interest to you.

As a user or client you explicitly declare that you know, understand and accept the conditions of use and these general terms and conditions of contract. You also declare that you are of legal age and have the legal capacity to access and contract by means of the CEVAGRAF SCCL websites.

To purchase our products, you can go to the corresponding section of our online store. You can visit the different sections of our online store and choose the products you want to buy.

It is essential signing up as a web user to make the purchase online. You can access the corresponding section for registration on the website.

During the checkout process you will need to identify yourself with your provided username and password. This information will not be made public. You are responsible for treating confidentially and responsibly the username and password obtained when signing up as a customer, and you cannot transfer them to any other person. You can modify the registered information at any time in your customer area. In this same section you will have access to your order history: this is only a consultation section but its management is allowed, the users being able to delete those records they do not consider necessary to display.

At the end of the purchase process, the customer will receive a confirmation by email. It is essential that during the purchase process the user provides a valid email. If within 24 hours from the completion of the order no confirmation is received, please contact CEVAGRAF SCCL's customer service via telephone or email

All contents of this website are in English, Spanish, French, English and Catalan.

The customer, upon receiving the product at the provided delivery address, will receive a delivery note having commercial value.

Invoicing details you provided in your order will be used to issue the corresponding invoice. Once the order has been dispatched, it will not be possible to make changes to the holder or any other concept.

The client explicitly authorizes CEVAGRAF SCCL, to use the NIF/CIF recorded in the order for this one and for all the subsequent orders, which will be valid until the client, in writing, indicates that it should not continue to be used.

Payment must be made immediately upon receipt of the order confirmation, by the means chosen by the customer at the time of contracting. The invoice will be issued the day the ordered product is delivered or a few days later. Prior extraordinary services may require payment in advance. This applies in particular to the preparation of particularly large quantities of paper and cardboard and special materials.

In the case of payments authorized when due, if after termination of the contract it is found that payment is at risk, CEVAGRAF, SCCL can demand an advanced payment, withhold items not yet shipped or suspend the order processing. These rights also correspond to CEVAGRAF, SCCL if the customer is late in payment. In case of delay of payment, CEVAGRAF, SCCL will have the right to apply the delay interest applicable to commercial operations, published every year by the "Ley de Presupuestos del Estado", on the outstanding amount. This will not affect CEVAGRAF, SCCL's right to accredit higher damages for delay.

In case of debt or refund of payment, the client will pay CEVAGRAF, SCCL for the bank charges that arise for this reason.

Data Protection.

In accordance with the provisions of the legislation in force on the Protection of Personal Data, we inform you that your data will be incorporated into the processing system belonging to CEVAGRAF, SCCL, NIF F58137001 and whose registered office is located at C/ Praga, 22-24 Pol. Ind. Cova Solera, 08191 Rubí, Barcelona (Spain), to process the registration as a user of the website and to manage subsequent actions resulting from the online purchase. Your data will be kept for the period strictly necessary to fulfill the purposes previously foreseen, except for legal obligation.

CEVAGRAF, SCCL informs that this processing operations are legitimized by the consent and by the execution of the contract that has been subscribed between both parts.

In accordance with your rights under current data protection legislation, you may exercise your rights of access, rectification, limitation of processing, deletion, portability and opposition to the processing of your personal data as well as the consent given for the processing thereof, by sending your request to C/ PRAGA 22-24 POL IND COVA SOLERA 08191 RUBI BARCELONA or to e-mail You may contact the competent Control Authority to file any complaint you deem appropriate.


Before placing the order the customer must provide at least one email address, and must make sure that it is fully operational until the order is completed. Customers will ensure reception of e-mails issued by CEVAGRAF, SCCL, in particular, the activation of "junk mail" filters, both on their local computer and on their mail server. This same email address will also be valid for future orders, unless explicitly stated otherwise by the customer.

According to the first paragraph, every communication made by CEVAGRAF, SCCL by email to the address provided by the customer, shall be considered as received by the customer after being sent. CEVAGRAF, SCCL is only liable for data transmission failures if they are originated in its field, and in this case CEVAGRAF, SCCL will provide the means to communicate with the customer and to report about the issue.

CEVAGRAF, SCCL is not obliged to warn the customer about inoperative, missing, non-working or erroneous email addresses.

Offer and Validity.

In the case of a product or service on offer, its essential characteristics, the offer price and the validity of the offer shall always be indicated.

In compliance with current legislation CEVAGRAF SCCL offers information on all items on sale, their features and prices. However, CEVAGRAF SCCL has the right to withdraw, replace or change the products and / or services offered through its website, by simply changing the content of it. Thus, the products and / or services offered at any time by the website will be governed by the General Terms and Conditions in force in each case. Likewise, the company will have the faculty to stop offering, without previous notice and at any time, access to the abovementioned products and/or services.

Product's essential characteristics.

All products and services offered in our online store include a picture and their essential features, this information is obtained from the manufacturer itself. Product color as seen in the pictures is not binding. It is identified in the features.

Likewise, our product descriptions include price per unit of measure in compliance with Real Decreto 3423/2000 of 15 December, which regulates the price indication for products offered to consumers and users.

Technical warnings.

Files must conform to the specifications. CEVAGRAF, S.C.C.L. is not responsible for the final result of documents with pixelated characters or low resolution embedded images. Likewise, in the case that all the data (fonts, images, texts) have not been embedded, CEVAGRAF, SCCL is not responsible for the final result being exactly the same as the one the client can see on their screen.

Computer files necessary to manufacture the printed product must be provided by the customer and must conform to the technical requirements for printing using digital or offset technologies. It is understood that the customer is able to generate PDF files correctly.

The customer accepts unreservedly the technical limitations of industrial printing (colour variations between physical media and on-screen reproduction; colour reprints from another printer; finishing and cutting tolerances of +/- 1 mm, etc.). If the print files are not transmitted in CMYK mode, CEVAGRAF , SCCL is authorized to convert them. Responsibility in case of colour variations will be assumed by the customer. By transmitting the print files in a color mode other than CMYK, the customer explicitly declares to be responsible for the risk involved in this conversion. The customer acknowledges he is aware design tools never guarantee a reproduction that is exactly the same as the file shown on the screen.


In accordance with the acts "Ley 23/2003 de Garantías en la Venta de bienes de consumo" and "Ley 26/1984, de 19 de julio, General para la Defensa de los Consumidores y Usuarios", CEVAGRAF SCCL is responsible for any lack of conformity of all products and services offered on the website within two years from the delivery with respect to consumers or users who acquire, use or enjoy them as final recipients.

CEVAGRAF SCCL offers an after-sales service. Customers may contact the after-sales service, by e-mail to or at the locations established by the supplier. In case of doubt you can contact the customer service T (0034) 674 338 792 or by e-mail


Prices include legal Value Added Tax (VAT), that it is currently 21% (in some products and in some cases a 4% VAT may be applied if so required by the customer). In the case of the European Union countries, with the exception of Spain, If customers provide their VAT identification number, orders will be invoiced excluding of VAT.

If any other tax is applicable, this would be specified (IGIC or IPSI).

Additional shipping costs such as insurance or others are not included. For orders from countries outside the European Union, import and customs charges are not included.

Any change made by the customer after the service has been contracted, such as machine standstills, repetition of print proofs caused by variations in the sample prints etc., must be paid to CEVAGRAF SCCL.

Valid contractual prices will be those established at the time of the order. Limited offers shall be valid until expiration of the specified time period.

Every additional work carried out by the contracted company will be charged to the customer. Additional works comprise drafts or sketches, prints or test plates, proofs, changes in the delivered documents, as well as amendments and data transfers.

Delivery and transport costs.

CEVAGRAF SCCL makes shipments worldwide charging an amount for shipping costs to be set according to destination and weight. These expenses are informed before completing the purchase.

Payment methods.

To pay for our service you can choose any of the following methods. During the purchase process you will need to make your choice:


All operations involving transmission of personal or bank data are performed using a secure environment, a server based on SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) standard security technology. Any information you send to us travels encrypted through the Internet.

Likewise, your credit card details are entered directly into the bank's website via a virtual POS (bank's virtual Point of Sale) and are not entered or registered on any server belonging to CEVAGRAF SCCL.

When paying by VISA or MASTERCARD you will always be asked for the following data: card number, expiry date, and a Validation Code that coincides with the last 3 digits of the number printed in italics on the back of your card, which guarantees higher transaction security.

This payment method is only available on the web.

Should a purchase amount has been fraudulently or unduly charged using a payment card number, the cardholder may demand the immediate cancellation of the charge. In such a case, the corresponding debit and re-credit entries in the supplier's and cardholder's accounts shall be made as soon as possible.
However, if the purchase had actually been made by the cardholder and the refund request was not a consequence of having exercised the right of withdrawal or resolution and, therefore, had unduly demanded the cancellation of the charge, the cardholder will be obliged to compensate CEVAGRAF SCCL for the damages caused as a consequence of such cancellation.


When you select bank transfer you will receive a confirmation e-mail with the bank details of CEVAGRAF SCCL.

Very important: when making the transfer do not forget to write the reference number as the email subject, as well as your name and surname, and to make the transfer within 3 days after the confirmation date in order to validate it.

If you wish, you can send us the transfer receipt by e-mail to But in any case, validation of the service will not be effective until our administration department has bank confirmation of the transfer.

We remind you that payment must be made in Euros and that all possible exchange and bank fees are your responsibility.

In the case of bank transfers made from outside Spain, it is very important that you always inform your bank to take charge of the fees at source, for those bank fees and charges corresponding to your bank. Otherwise, CEVAGRAF SCCL could halt the agreed service, as the full amount of it has not been received.

Possible exchange and bank fees are the client's responsibility.


PayPal allows you to send payments over the Internet safely and conveniently. The PayPal network builds on the existing financial infrastructure of bank accounts and credit cards to create a global real-time payment solution. PayPal offers a service specially designed for those who are not satisfied with traditional payment mechanisms.

For more information, visit PayPal:

Order execution.

Once the customer places an order, a binding offer is emailed to both the customer's and the contractor's email addresses.

CEVAGRAF, SCCL reserves the right to refuse orders or to terminate contracts already in force without prior notice if pornographic, fascist or radical contents appear in the transmitted print files, as well as all those that in any way infringe the laws of the State. Upon contract completion, the customer has no right to make changes to the order data unless the current order is cancelled and another order is generated.

Any change on the client's part implies the cancellation of the offer approved to CEVAGRAF, SCCL and the conclusion of a new contract for the preparation and sending of print files. CEVAGRAF, SCCL reserves the right to reject this offer. In case CEVAGRAF, SCCL accepts it, it can be linked to the passing on of the costs caused by the change. These costs will be notified to the client during the change process. The purchase process is confirmed when CEVAGRAF, SCCL checks that the payment conditions chosen by the client are verified and correct, both in case of usual conditions or of payments in advance made by credit card or bank transfer. CEVAGRAF, SCCL will then contact the client to facilitate access to the Web portal, where the client will upload the files to print, and where the client in turn may review, correct, reject or finally approve the work for its subsequent printing and manipulation.

Delivery time.

The time periods indicated by CEVAGRAF, SCCL within the framework of an order are production time periods, not delivery times. The time needed to complete an order consists of production time plus delivery time. For both variables different options can be chosen in your order settings.

Working days are Monday to Friday, except for major festivities. Legally stipulated holidays will affect delivery and production times and might cause delays in supplies.

Shipping time.

CEVAGRAF SCCL guarantees order deliveries within 3 to 7 days depending on weight, volume and location.
These times are approximate, unless otherwise agreed.

Product Availability.

The availability of products offered by CEVAGRAF SCCL may vary depending on customer demand. Although CEVAGRAF SCCL regularly updates stocks, the product requested by the customer may be out of stock at that time. In case of non-execution due to unavailability, CEVAGRAF SCCL will notify the client by email at the moment it becomes aware of this situation. In no case shall the period of this communication exceed a maximum time span of 30 days. CEVAGRAF SCCL will be able to give the double option of: to supply the client a product of similar or superior quality without increasing its price, or unless justified and demonstrable reasons by CEVAGRAF SCCL within this same period, to refund the amounts paid for the cancelled order.


The customer will have a period of fourteen calendar days to withdraw, from the day of conclusion of the contract, without penalty and without giving reasons.

The right of withdrawal must be exercised by phone to 674338792, by sending an e-mail to, or by means of the withdrawal form (request the form from Cevagraf through the Contact section of the website).

According to the provisions of Article 103 of Law 3/2014, of 27 March amending the revised text of the "Ley General para la Defensa de los Consumidores y Usuarios", supplies of services or goods made according to consumer specifications or clearly personalized, or that, by their nature, could not be returned or could deteriorate or expire quickly, are exempt from withdrawal.

If the client requests the provision of the service to begin during the withdrawal period, the client will be obliged to pay the amount proportional to the part of the service provided at the time the withdrawal was communicated, in relation to the object of the contract.

Return of the defective product and claims.

In the event of a printing error attributable to CEVAGRAF, SCCL, a reprint will be made from the same original document at no additional cost, provided that CEVAGRAF, SCCL is notified within a maximum of 48 hours after the order is delivered, informing CEVAGRAF, SCCL of the reason for return by any of the means provided in these general terms and conditions, and at no cost to the customer. This return by reason of defect or poor condition of the product will not be deemed a right of withdrawal.

The warranty does not include spelling or design errors in the customer's files or differences in the colour reproduced. Colour will comply with the ISO printing European Standard for lithographic offset 12647:2-2004 (if the customer has not supplied any other instructions or if there are no previous works of that same customer in order to match colours). The final format of the finished product may vary up to a 5% for reasons of adaptation to production needs, without the customer having the right to any claim or return.

Complaints will not be accepted if the customer has not considered the conditions of the print files, especially in the case of print files based on RGB colours, or those whose resolution is too low or those that use formats not included in our conditions. Minimal variations in colour or other specifications, in relation to orders previously printed by CEVAGRAF, SCCL, will not be accepted as a claim. Defects observed in a part of an order will not give right to claims for the entire order. Liability for errors that do not affect the value or usefulness, or do so insignificantly, is also excluded.

Complaints due to possible differences in the colour of the final product compared to the original documents (digital proofs, press proofs, previous impressions, etc.) will not be accepted.

In the event of an error caused by CEVAGRAF, SCCL, it will only be responsible for an amount that does not exceed the total value of the order.

If the customer wishes to submit a complaint, CEVAGRAF SCCL's headquarters are located at C/ PRAGA 22-24 POL IND COVA SOLERA 08191 RUBI BARCELONA) or via email

Customers are asked to consider use of up-to-date virus protection software before sending their data. It is the sole responsibility of the customers to secure their data. CEVAGRAF, SCCL reserves the right to make a copy.

Refund of payment.

Refunds of amounts received by the customer will be made using the same payment methods used by the customer, unless otherwise specified.

CEVAGRAF, SCCL may stop the refund until the customer provides proof of return.

In the event of undue delay on the part of CEVAGRAF, SCCL, with regard to the reimbursement of the sums paid, the client may claim double the sums paid, without prejudice to the right to compensation for damages suffered in excess of this amount.

Termination of the contract.

Cancellation of an order is only possible if it has not been delivered. Such cancellation will be invoiced if it is made after the order confirmation has been sent by e-mail.

If an order is cancelled after sending its confirmation, the customer will be obliged to compensate CEVAGRAF, SCCL for a minimum amount of 35 euros and up to a maximum amount of 20% on the order placed (if 20% of the amount of the sale does not exceed 35 euros, the minimum will also be charged). In addition, all services and processes performed up to the date of cancellation (verification of documents, data, correction copies, printing and other production processes) will be invoiced.

In short, the actual costs incurred by CEVAGRAF, SCCL will be analyzed in order to debit the total actual costs up to the date of cancellation of the order by the customer. If, after the customer is informed of the cost of the cancellation, he decides to continue the order without cancelling it, then the order will be placed without additional costs.


CEVAGRAF, SCCL reserves the right to terminate the contract without notice, in particular in the event of customer insolvency.

Copyright and intellectual property.

It is assumed that the customer owns the reproduction rights of the documents, images, graphic content, texts, logos, software, etc. entrusted to CEVAGRAF, SCCL for printing, and that they respect the laws on intellectual property. The customer is fully liable for any claims by third parties for copyright or other rights violations.

All rights to the contents of the submitted files are reserved.

Liability disclaimer.

This website is owned and operated by Cevagraf, SCCL. Resources from this website (articles, templates, tutorials, etc ...) are provided for informational and illustrative purposes, under the Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported license..

Although Cevagraf, S.C.C.L. makes every effort to ensure that all information contained on this website is accurate, current and contains no errors, we can not guarantee that is free of errors or omissions, and therefore we accept no responsibility for any error or omission.

All material on this website is updated to the date specified in each resource. However, some things may have changed since that date. Customers should check with Cevagraf, S.C.C.L. that the information is accurate before using it for their purposes.Furthermore, Cevagraf, S.C.C.L. accepts no responsibility for any action taken by the Customer as a result of relying on the information provided on this website, nor for any loss, damage, cost, disbursement or expense incurred or suffered in whatever form or by any person, either directly or indirectly, by you or any third party acting on your behalf, as a result of taking such action.You are solely responsible for deciding whether any of the Cevagraf, SCCL?s resources is suitable for your purposes.

This web site includes links to other external websites. These links are provided to help you find information quickly and easily. Cevagraf, SCCL is not responsible for the content of these websites.


Likewise, CEVAGRAF, SCCL reserves the right to present the civil or penal actions it deems appropriate for the improper use of its website and content or for non-compliance with these conditions.

The relationship between the user and the provider will be governed by the regulations in force and applicable in Spanish territory. Should any controversy arise, the parties may submit their conflicts to arbitration or recourse to ordinary courts in compliance with the rules on jurisdiction and competence in this respect. CEVAGRAF, SCCL is domiciled in BARCELONA, Spain.

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