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We are state-of-the-art online printers with an offset tradition.

Cutting-edge offset printing with high graphic quality screening.

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Printing in accordance with ISO 12647:2.

We follow the European color standard ISO 12647:2-2004, complying with its colorimetric and dot gain values for offset printing (FOGRA39).

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Eco-friendly inks.

We are equipped with an ink channeling system for our printing machinery, which allows us to use less plastic than it would entail to buy ink in 1 litre containers.

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Green printing.

When it comes to printing the most polluting item is electricity, so we minimize consumption by using a system that takes advantage of reactive power on machinery startup.

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Automatic ink fountain setting.

We achieve optimized machine make-ready by automating job color management, thus streamlining start-ups.

Quality offset printing.

All our presses are branded Heidelberg, a renowned German manufacturer of the best offset presses in the world. This technology allows us to get photographic quality on all of our print jobs.

We currently operate 3 offset printing machines totalling 14 printing units:
1 Heidelberg XL75 / 10 printing units
1 Heidelberg CD74 / 4 printing units
1 Heidelberg SM74 / 4 printing units
This machinery allows us to provide the service we are currently offering our customers, as our production capacity is high and enables us to provide good quality and increasingly fast delivery times.

High-end printing machinery.

3 offset presses, 14 printing units, colour management via machine built-in colourimetry, choice of quality raw materials and respect for the environment, all guarantee that the quality we offer in our books, catalogues, magazines, leaflets, calendars, flyers, etc..., is the result of planning and discipline, and is the outcome of more than 30 years of work and experience in the graphic arts sector.

We work to faithfully reproduce what our customers need, since the very foundation of the company we have always worked under the same criteria of quality. The commitment of the team has a lot of advantages when it comes to obtaining an optimal result.

Colour stability.

All our presses are equipped with Axis Control automatic color measurement systems, ensuring consistency and stability throughout the offset printing process. Complying with the European offset litho standard 12647:2 has never been more practical.

This color measurement system allows us to control make-readies with great stability, after only a few sheets we get the correct color setting for each job. Presses make measurements every 150 sheets during the print run and draw a colorimetric report based on delta deviations that allow them to autonomously manage color stability throughout the job. They provide the print operator with a global and very precise color management, ensuring the job is accurate from the first to the last copy.


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