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Need to print a book? We have good news for you.

book printing, print books

Integral Service

book printing, print books

Group versions and get the best price

book printing, print books

We can also layout your book

book printing, print booksbook printing, print booksbook printing, print booksbook printing, print booksbook printing, print books

Printing books for more than 30 years

Cevagraf has over 30 years' experience in making books

The advantages of an Integral Service.

Unlike other printers, we take care of all the production processes of your catalogue. Pre-press, printing and post-press: everything is done in our facilities and under exhaustive quality controls.

Hover your mouse over the icons to discover our advantages.

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Coordination of production processes

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Cost optimization

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On-time delivery

  • Coordination of production processes

  • 1 Supplier, 1 responsible

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  • Cost optimization

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  • On-time delivery

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>How does it work if... have a PDF to print?

Upload a PDF file of your design.

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    Upload the PDF file

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    We check your PDF

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    We print the job

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... you need to have the layout done?

Our team of professionals will layout your project.

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    We specify details

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    We prepare the layout for you

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We have the best binding for your book.

We offer 3 different kinds of binding: PUR paperback, sewn paperback and hardcover.

Click on the options below to find out which type of binding best suits your needs.

In this post we explain in more detail what the differences are between these types of binding:
How to Bind Books: Glued Paperback, Sewn Paperback or Hardcover?

Group versions and get the best price.

Unlike other online printers, in which you necesarily have to place one order for each different version (design) of a product, with us you will achieve considerable savings by indicating that you want several versions of a single book.

What is a version?

A version is a different design of your magazine, the other specifications remaining the same. That is, the content is what changes, the physical specifications (number of pages, inks, etc.) do not.

A typical case in which this feature can be useful is the printing of magazines in several language versions, for example: If you want to print the same magazine in 4 different languages: Spanish, Catalan, English, French... you must indicate 4 versions.

book version printing

Example: paperback books

Quantity: 200. Pages: 256. Size: DIN A5. Paper: 100 g White Offset. Inks: Colour - 2 sides (4/4).

1 order of 200 units
(200 u x 1 version)
2 orders of 100 units each
(100 u x 1 version) x 2
646.51€ x 2 = 1293.02€
No savings
1 order of 200 units
(100 u x 2 versions)
You save 127.14€

Instant layout pricing

Getting the layout cost has never been so easy. Once you have indicated the characteristics of your book, simply select "Yes, I want layout" in the "options" section of your order, and you will immediately see the amount of the layout.

instant layout prices

Professional review.

Any book order you make with us includes a basic review of the files to be printed, but if you want we can offer you a professional review, of greater scope and level of detail.

Check Basic review Professional review
Print-ready files
Number of pages
Page format
RGB to CMYK image conversion
Quality of images
Safety margins
Measures in leaflets
Transparency in CMYK elements
Die-cutting profiles
Spot UV

NOTE: This type of service is not binding on the final product quality. We disclaim any liability related to problems arising from incorrect treatment of the original file by the customer. Both the Basic Revision and the Professional Revision are services offerred by CEVAGRAF, SCCL with the only purpose of helping you to manage your files correctly, and we are only responsible for the possible damages caused by our inefficient work. The errors that are originated mainly by the original files will be the responsibility of the client, although CEVAGRAF, SCCL had not noticed nor warned of the error occurred.

Book printing and binding.

We have in our facilities all the machinery necessary for printing books and their subsequent binding . We provide an optimal service for authors who self-publish their works in small print runs, for small and medium publishers, etc...


Book Printing Process

Printing books involves a more complex binding as page number grows, so Paperback is used in its different forms (sewn, glued or PUR).

At Cevagraf, SCCL we are committed to offer an Integral Service in our most competitive products, and this means that we use only our own machinery for online book printing , therefore everything stays under our control and supervision.

The production process for printing books in our workshop is organized very efficiently, so our prices are as good as our structure and capacity allow, without the need for outsourcing.

Specialists in bookbinding

Printing books online nowadays is the fastest option to get a printed book, because customers can quickly get the right price for their requirements, the materials they can use and the finishes they want to apply.

Instant information allows faster and more profitable decision-making, so it is essential to respond to this process in the productive side with equal speed.

At Cevagraf, SCCL we not only have the right machinery for online printing, we also have binding in our workshop. Our speciality is PUR paperback , which is a modern and resistant type of binding, just as strong as sewn paperback and with a finishing similar to that of glued paperback.

Softcover printing

Paperback binding, also known as softcover binding, is a type of binding in which the book, sewn or glued, is simply covered with a paper or cardboard, which is generally strong but not necessarily rigid, and glued to the spine. This type of binding is used particularly when it is necessary to print corporate catalogues having many pages, editorial and commercial books, periodical publications of some relevance in the market , etc... This type of binding helps to provide more resistance to the printed product, and in addition an appearance of higher quality than that achieved by stapled binding.

There are different types of Paperback:

  • Glued paperback : the junction of the parts of the book is done with glue.
  • Sewn paperback : as its name suggests, this type of paperback is characterised by the sewing of the sheets that make up the book, i.e. the sheets are sewn together and then glued to the cover.
  • PUR paperback: it is exactly the same as the glued paperback method, with the only difference being that the glue used is very resistant, much more so than the one used for glued paperback.

Hardcover printing and binding

Hardcover is a type of binding in which the pages, sewn or glued, are lined with a rigid cardboard cover glued to the spine. This cover wraps the book on all its external surfaces. The inner sides of the covers are made of paper and the inner part of the spine (not visible, as it is covered by the cover spine) is made of cloth, although it can also be made of paper.

This type of binding is used when we want our book to have an appearance of high quality and resistance . It is the book finishing par excellence as far as appearance is concerned, it is also the most expensive binding, as the production process is more manual than the other types of binding.

At Cevagraf, SCCL we specialise in this type of binding as well as in PUR softcover and thread-sewn Binding. We are professionals in the field of printing and now you can also place your order online with the best price and the highest quality. Hard Cover Binding , as a binding method, can also be sewn or glued, just like Paperback, but the cover is hardened thanks to a laminated 2 mm cardboard, giving that expected robustness of this type of binding.

We recommend Pur Binding

PUR paperback is perfect for corporate catalogues, product catalogues, price lists, as well as for periodical publications (magazines with spine), and in general all those books with spine that are going to be used quite intensively.

Also in the case of "edition" books (novels, essays, etc.), normally bound as sewn paperback, PUR paperback is an interesting alternative in the case of short runs, which until recently used to be bound as glued paperback.

If you need more information about Pur Paperback visit this article from our blog.

How much does it cost to print a book?

The cost of printing a book is a very important part of the total costs of publishing , so before embarking on the adventure, we can give you advice so that you can have an idea of how much it may cost to your personal economy.

Although it is true that cost per unit is lower in long runs, the most logical thing to do is to start with short runs and ask for reprints as you sell more books.

Thanks to digital printing, it is possible to print a book in runs of between 100 and 300 copies, suitable for most self-publishing projects.

In addition, digital book printing has the additional advantage of allowing you to customize covers using variable data printing technology, i.e. you can customize several book covers with different data.

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