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magnet calendar printing, custom magnet calendars

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magnet calendar printing, custom magnet calendars

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magnet calendar printing, custom magnet calendars

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custom Magnet Calendars

Create magnet calendars personalized with your images to stick them on fridges or any other metal surface. A way of advertising your business all year round. Your customers will recall you! Click the button below to get your instant online price quote.

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magnet calendar printing, custom magnet calendarsmagnet calendar printing, custom magnet calendarsmagnet calendar printing, custom magnet calendarsmagnet calendar printing, custom magnet calendarsmagnet calendar printing, custom magnet calendars

Magnet Calendar Printing: a very nice touch!

Magnet calendars are also known as fridge magnets for a very natural reason: because the usual location for this type of calendar is the fridge door.

Calendar magnets are true custom magnets. They differ from the standard magnets sold in stores. You can print them with your own exclusive design; their generous size (DIN A3) is suitable for the fridge door, and allows you to put all your creativity into the design.

The printing of magnetic calendars is an excellent decision. It is a product that perfectly combines originality with practicality. What can calendar magnets bring to your kitchen? Find out below...

How to print magnetic calendars

In our online print store we provide you with the possibility to print magnet calendars.

In short, our magnet calendars are offered with the following technical features: DIN A3 size, four-colour printing (full colour) printed one-side on 330 micron magnetic paper.

The utility of fridge magnets is undeniable. They display the 12 months of the year at a glance. Keep in mind that we spend a lot of time in the kitchen and we usually stick and look up items like shopping lists, pizza and other takeaway food promotions... etc. at the fridge door

We also check calendars regularly, therefore magnet calendars are very practical because we can place them on the fridge door along with the other items.

What are the main advantages of magnet calendars?

There is no doubt that originality is a distinctive feature of fridge magnets.

We are familiar with very small fridge magnets used to hold several sheets of paper on the fridge door. But magnet calendars are a completely new product.

Another advantage of magnet calendars is that they do not take up space on kitchen walls. They take advantage of the space available in fridge doors.

A classic wall calendar must be hung on a wall. After that, it is really cumbersome to change it from one location to another because it requires making new holes, etc. Magnet calendars are very practical in this regard: there is no need to drill holes in the wall as we can easily place them on the fridge door. And we can change their position as many times as we want, knowing that we are not going to damage our fridge.

Actually, to print magnetic calendars is a great gift idea. Since it is a new and practical product, its good acceptance is assured, that's why magnet calendars stand out from classic gifts of questionable usefulness.

Technical details of magnet calendar design

We must define a bleeding area of 3 mm in the layout document.

Any element that has to bleed off, that is to say, any design element reaching the page edges, must protrude 3 mm beyond the page.

It is necessary to keep a safety margin between 3 and 5 mm around the 4 page sides, avoiding to place any non-bleeding element, as it could be cut when trimming.

The images (logos and photos) must be of a high enough quality to guarantee a quality reproduction, avoiding the "pixelation" effect, which gives such a bad impression. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to this point, which has a direct impact on the quality of magnet calendars..

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