Metallic finish business cards.

The basic element of your Corporate Communication.

metallic finish business cards, metallic finish business card printing

The most important networking tool.

metallic finish business cards, metallic finish business card printing

Make a good first impression.

metallic finish business cards, metallic finish business card printing

Build credibility

Print custom Metallic Finish Business Cards

custom Metallic Finish Business Cards

Our metallic finish business cards will add a creative touch to your designs. Cards with a gold and silver metallic look. Click the button below to get your instant online price quote.

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metallic finish business cards, metallic finish business card printingmetallic finish business cards, metallic finish business card printingmetallic finish business cards, metallic finish business card printingmetallic finish business cards, metallic finish business card printingmetallic finish business cards, metallic finish business card printing

Metallic finish business card printing

Add a special touch to your business card by printing it on metallic paper. Metallic paper is available in gold, silver and pearl white (it is a shiny white with a pearly touch).

Metallized paper cards

Printing on these substrates is as easy as printing on a conventional coated or offset paper, but metallized paper adds something special to your product.

Metallized effect is unique, conveys a high value and, if planned well, you can easily differentiate yourself at a relatively low cost.

This type of metallic business card is a unique way of giving a personal and metallic touch . Just by using this paper you'll make a memorable first impression on your new contact, and remember: first impressions count!

What are the advantages of metallized paper business cards?

Easy. Impact and surprise. That's the key. With silver, gold and metallic white substrates we manage to give a special value to printing, and today adding value to printing is an important differentiating factor.

Its cost/value ratio is really impressive, because for a small price you can give a very special touch to your presentation to others. By using a business card we intend to introduce ourselves to our potential clients, and introducing ourselves with a metallic touch... it'll certainly make a good impression!

We can also point out that metallized cards have a lot of impact during the Christmas season, when golden tones convey a high added value in what you print. For instance, this is definitely is a good idea: send your relative a metallic card with a charming image of you both printed on it and she'll keep this memory for years.

By giving away metallic cards, you are saying the receivers they are important to you, because you are giving away "value". It is a very simple way of reaching other people's hearts and make them remember you from now on. This is the power of metallized cards, you just have to work it out a bit at a design level and the result will be enjoyable.

Aside from conveying value as we have already explained, metallized cards can also be used for other areas, such as professional life. Entrepreneurs introducing themselves with a special "print touch" will no doubt make a good impact, and metallized cards serve this purpose really well. We encourage you to try it out!

Metallized card design

The first thing you have to think about is: which metallized colour do I want for the paper?

This is most important because your card's design should agree the tone of the paper.

For example, if you choose a golden paper for your metallized cards and your design has orange and brown colors, probably this design will not stand out from the background and will look pretty bad. The same thing happens with silver and white, if you design your metallic cards with InDesign and you don't take this into account you won't be happy with the final result, so please keep this in mind when designing metallized cards.

When it comes to designing metallized cards, another important aspect is the treatment of white ink. The question you need to ask yourself is: does my design need a white base to make the design stand out more? This aspect is dealt with at a later point in this explanation. See below.

Metallized cards get this name because the substrate is indeed metallized, that is to say, paper, not the printing, which is full colour (CMYK ). If you want to apply text a metallic effect, it is as simple as making it transparent so that the background can be seen and type gets "metallized".

There are other options, such as printing with metallic inks, which are special spot colours that produce such effect when printed. The product we offer does not require special inks. In fact, printing full colour on a metallized stock is cheaper than using metallic inks on a conventional stock, so you just have to take into account what we explained before about type.

It is also important to consider the goal of your metallized cards, that is to say, what they are for. We must bear in mind that this is a high value product so, depending on what we want them for, it will not be necessary so much value, and conventional business cards will suffice. This product is designed to add value to a presentation, if it's your case that's perfect, otherwise it is not worth investing.

Why white ink on metalized cards?

In this type of product white ink can make a difference between a good or a bad design.

White ink is used to create a white base on top of the metallized substrate so it is possible to print the design on top of this white background, in order to get a better result than the one you'd get by directly printing on the paper.

Sometimes pictures printed on a white backgrond may look better; in contrast, if printed directly on metallized paper, pictures will take on a coloured shade (gold, silver or white, no matter which paper is used). This may not be the result we want, hence the white background.

At other times we may simply want the text to be blank. This is something that you can not do with conventional paper, but now, as the substrate is coloured, you can print the text using white ink and it will look good and legible, in fact contrast for this type of text is pretty high.

White ink on metallised cards really makes a lot of sense; you may not need it in your design, but before you discard it it's a good idea to go over your ideas and see clearly that you don't need it, because for a ridiculous additional cost you will give a touch of impact to your metallised business cards.

How to prepare white ink on your metallized cards

Part 1. How to prepare white ink on an InDesign / Illustrator document

Simple, you just need to create a spot color, name it as you consider appropriate (this does not matter) and be sure that SEPARATION NAME is "White".

Once you have set the color in the color palette, then you must apply this ink to the design elements that you want to be white. When we receive your document, we will see what you want in white and we will apply that ink to the design elements you selected.

Part 2. How to prepare white ink for a picture's background

If you want a picture to have a white background, and therefore the image is overprinted on the white background, you must prepare this effect on Photoshop.

You have to open the image in that program and create a new channel representing the white ink. Name the channel "White", and set a 100% yellow background, for example, this is only for visual purposes, because what really matters IS HOW THE CHANNEL IS NAMED, which, once the photo is placed in InDesign or Illustrator, will be separated as white ink and we will apply it when printing.

Once the White channel is created, you can save the image in .psd format, which is the native photoshop format, and then, in InDesign or Illustrator, place the .psd as if it were a jpg. As all programs belong to the "Adobe ecosystem", there will be no problem understanding the channel and handling it as a separation, as easy as that.

Usage examples of metalized cards

You can use metallized cards as...

  • Business cards. With a golden background, for example, and black letters on top, you can give a special touch to your introductions.
  • Personal presentation cards. Imagine that you want to impress your friends and neighbours... well, you can use a bright pearly white background, and full colour printing on top. A unique way of delivering your personal data
  • Event & party cards. Using a silver stock you can give an elegant touch to your event cards. Blue tones look great on a silver base, and combined with white ink they look even better.
  • Wedding and christening cards. In such special events, using a metallic effect and white ink on your cards will make you remember what you lived forever.

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