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Wall calendars.

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wall calendar printing, custom wall calendars

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wall calendar printing, custom wall calendars

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wall calendar printing, custom wall calendars

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wall calendar printing, custom wall calendarswall calendar printing, custom wall calendarswall calendar printing, custom wall calendarswall calendar printing, custom wall calendarswall calendar printing, custom wall calendars

Wall Calendars.

This is one of the most artistic types of calendars. In fact, wall calendars can be, if tastefully designed, true pictures with which to embellish our walls. Their visual appeal is undeniable. Its practicality is beyond any doubt. Discover the keys to wall calendars success.

Wall calendars: elegance meets practicality

When it comes to calendar printing, an A3 wire-o wall calendar is an excellent choice.

Its size allows a wall calendar to be seen and consulted by a large number of people. Also, at the time of making the layout, large and colourful photographs can be placed on it. A wire-o wall calendar with hanger elegantly dresses the walls of our office or workshop, as well as those of our home.

How to hang this calendar on the wall?

By means of a hanger, which is a plastic rod 15 cm. long with a U-shaped bulge in its central part, which is inserted into the wire-o.

The colour of the hanger is the same as that of the wire-o, to ensure aesthetic harmony. In our online shop, we offer you the possibility to choose between black and white.

For technical reasons, the hanger is associated with wire-o binding, so spiral binding is not available when printing wall calendars with hanger.

This kind of wall calendar consists of a set of sheets. Usually 7 sheets (14 pages), are printed on both sides, the first sheet being the cover, and the remaining 6 sheets containing the months of the year, in a front/back layout. The most widespread pattern for wall calendar design is to layout the month at the bottom of the page, and a large image at the top.

However, it is also common to find wall calendars made up of 14 sheets (28 pages), printed on one side only, of which the first sheet is the front cover, the last sheet is the back cover, and the 12 middle sheets contain the months of the year.

In any case, as the months go by the user flips the wall calendar sheets so that the current month is always in view.

In our online print shop we provide 3 sizes for your wall calendar: DIN A3 (landscape or portrait), 48 x 28 cm. and 45 x 28 cm.

Technical aspects of designing wall calendars with wire-o and hanger

In the upper edge of the sheets punch holes are made for binding, as well as a u-shaped notch to allow the calendar hanger turn.

For this reason, it is necessary to keep a security area of 10 mm. blank, not placing useful information (texts and logos) on it, as they could get pierced. Piercing an image may not be a big problem, but other content shouldn't be pierced, in particular the corporate logo..

It is very important to set a 3 mm wide bleeding area, and extend 3 mm beyond the page edges those elements that must bleed off. And the elements that are not going to bleed should not be placed too close to the page edges, because they could be cut when trimming. It is advisable to keep a safety area of between 3 and 5 mm around the four page edges.

Image resolution must be high enough in order to obtain good quality, since the wall calendar is a product used over the course of a year... or even more, if at the end of the year we cut out the photos and keep them as posters.

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