Printed office supplies are elements that promote your business, increase brand recognition, and remind current or potential customers to call your company and use your services.

Small businesses often wonder how they can promote their brand on a reduced budget. There are many options, from TV and online advertising to corporate event sponsorship; however, many of these ideas are expensive and don’t target the right people.

You may be wondering what benefits personalized office supplies can bring to your business. Keep reading to learn more about the benefits of customized stationery for your business.

But first, let us explain the term “branding”.

What is branding?

Branding is the process of creating a consistent business identity for current and potential customers. By using colors, words, and images, you can make your company stand out from the competition.

Placing your name, logo and contact information on the stationery you hand out to the public creates memorability, increases loyalty and serves as an advertising tool.

If you have already defined your brand personality… It’s time to advertise it!

Advantages of branded office supplies

Advantages of branded office supplies
Advantages of branded office supplies

Handing out branded office supplies is a great marketing tool. Giving away pens, folders, notebooks, notepads, and sending letters or envelopes with your company logo has many advantages.

Successful Offline Marketing

Branded office supplies are an excellent way to market your products or services to potential and existing customers. You get to choose who you give these products to instead of paying for an expensive TV ad that may not target your specific audience.

When you meet a potential customer, investor, or business partner, you can give them your business card, but chances are that person will keep it but never see it again or just lose it. However, if you give that same person a notepad with your brand on it, they are much more likely to use it and have your company name in front of them every time they jot something down.

Brand Memorization and Awareness

Giving away branded office supplies is a great tool for customers to remember you when they need your services. People are busy and don’t want to spend hours searching for an old receipt to remember the restaurant where they had a delicious dinner months ago.

While people may forget the name of the company that moved them three years ago, having a branded calendar in their kitchen, given away by the moving company, will serve as a memory refresher.

Additionally, sending branded desk calendars to professional clients will have them seeing your brand logo design every day while sitting at their desks.

Ecological Idea

One of the benefits of having custom office supplies for your business is that you can choose eco-friendly materials. This is an excellent way to show your customers that you care about the environment and that you’re taking steps to minimize your impact.

There are several eco-friendly options available at an eco-printing company, including recycled paper and vegetable oil-based inks. Customized office materials can help you communicate your eco-friendly message to your customers and can also help you save money on printing costs.

green office supplies
Ecological Idea

Effective in Networks

Office materials are an excellent way to make a good first impression with potential business contacts. It shows that you are professional and take your business seriously.

Investing in high-quality stationery can be beneficial in the long run, as it will last longer and will make a better impression than cheaper alternatives.

In addition, your most active clients on social networks will post about the products.

Cheap and Profitable

Giving away branded office materials to increase awareness and loyalty to your company is a very cheap strategy. You don’t need to commit to an expensive online marketing campaign; all you have to do is buy the number of units you need at that time, based on your budget.

There are many possibilities to find the cheap business office supplies you need.

Customized Office Supplies

When choosing customized office supplies, there are a few things you should consider. First, the office supplies should match the target group and their preferences. You should choose customized office supplies that have the features of your target group of customers.

But getting customized office supplies to appeal to your target group isn’t the only important thing, it’s also about making the promotional message and your brand stand out.

Our account managers are familiar with all of our different customizable office materials and can help you choose a customized office supply with all the necessary features.

Printing Office Supplies for Businesses

Personalize your company’s office supplies with the customized items we offer at Cevagraf Imprenta. We have a wide range of personalized office accessories that are useful, of good quality, and at very good prices, from basic models to the most original.

All the office supplies you need to print your brand’s logo you’ll find them in our online printing shop.

Customized Office Supplies

From custom bookmarks, notebooks, envelopes and custom letterhead, to other office accessories such as custom diaries, custom notebooks or elegant customizable folders. All items, customizable with your logo, attractive, elegant, and of great quality, perfect for the merchandising of any company or customized office supplies.

We offer a wide range of materials at a good price but always of good quality, from the most basic and simple to the most original. Print your logo and write a new page in your company’s promotional marketing campaigns.

Here are some examples:

Folded brochures

Folded brochures
Folded brochures

Folded brochures are documents that explain your product or company. They typically feature text, images, and various design elements to provide a cohesive look while offering detailed advertising information.

Brochures are usually folded in half (bi-fold) or into thirds, which is called a tri-fold, making them easy to display at business centers or visitors’ reception desks.

Folded brochures can also be mailed, included in the packaging of orders, or handed out at meetings or trade shows.

Folded brochures at Cevagraf



A catalogue is a printed, visually appealing brochure that lists the products your company offers. Catalogues contain more detailed information than a brochure or flyer. While company catalogues contain much of the same information you might have on your website, they are available for viewing even if the user is not using a computer or a mobile phone.

You can make them available for free at trade fairs, in shops stocking your products or you can mail them directly to potential customers.

Catalogues at Cevagraf

Business Cards

Business cards
Business cards

Business cards are small cards printed on one side with the company’s logo, slogan and website along with name, title and contact information. They are usually small enough to be carried in pockets or wallets for easy access.

Since professional business cards are small, durable, and easy to carry, they are ideal for distributing at trade shows, conferences, or casual encounters with people. Business cards are easy to store and reference so that customers can have your contact information available if they want more information about your company or products.

Business Cards at Cevagraf

Direct Mail

Envelopes at Cevagraf


Envelopes at Cevagraf

Direct mail products are printed items that include your company name, information about your product, a special promotion or coupon, and a call to action.

They can be an effective way to reach current or potential customers in a specific geographic area. To use mailings effectively, define your target audience or location, then send the items to the addresses of that audience or community.

Direct mail is a good way to share special offers or promotions so that customers can either buy now or save the information for later. For example, a new restaurant can send menus or coupons to attract customers.

Envelopes at Cevagraf

Posters and Banners




Posters and banners are large and visually appealing signs that can be displayed in specific locations or at special events. Typically, they include only a few selected pieces of information about your product so that people can easily remember the message.

Posters can be distributed, but most are displayed in places where they are likely to catch attention.

Posters at Cevagraf





Postcards are rectangular cards printed on thick cardstock. They are usually laminated with an attractive image or design on one side and information, including the customer’s address, on the other.

They are larger than a business card, contain more information than a company card but are small enough to be mailed. You can also hand them out to potential customers or display them for people to pick up at events or in stores.

You can also print a coupon on the postcard that customers can redeem for discounts or special offers.

Postcards at Cevagraf

“If you’re looking for a unique way to promote your business, consider branded office materials. This is an excellent way to make a positive impression on customers and potential clients. Custom office materials also make it easy to stand out from the competition.”

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